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The Power of a Mom Village and How to Create Yours With Rachel Mans

September 16, 2022 Season 2 Episode 11
Mom Chat Show
The Power of a Mom Village and How to Create Yours With Rachel Mans
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Show Notes

In this episode Rachel and I talk about how your village as a child can play a huge role in the way you view labor and pregnancy.

About Rachel Mans
Certified birth doula and childbirth educator wanting to help empower women and teach them how to trust their body, baby, and instincts.

I have been learning about birth for over 10 years now, since I was pregnant with my first in 2010/11. I am certified as a birth doula and childbirth educator, I have completed trainings in Spinning Babies®, the pelvic floor, trauma, essential oils specifically for birth, Breech Without Borders (breech vaginal birth), “free” birth, and more, and have read countless books about numerous birth, pregnancy, and postpartum subjects. I also spent over a year creating my own natural childbirth education curriculum that I proudly teach in person and through my site.

I want all women to feel empowered and learn to trust their body, baby, and innate instincts. I want to use the wisdom of our ancestors, traditional practices, and evidence-based information to help you make the best choices for YOU and YOUR family. You know your body and your baby better than anyone else and you alone are the prime authority.

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