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How to Embrace Change in Your Life with Julie DeLucca-Collins

October 10, 2022 Sade Season 2 Episode 13
Mom Chat Show
How to Embrace Change in Your Life with Julie DeLucca-Collins
Show Notes

In this episode Julie and I talk about the importance of learning how to feel celebrate reaching your small wins just as much as your big wins.  She also shares tips on managing your thoughts and emotions throughout the week.  This episode will motivate you and teach you how  to embrace who you are and where you are in life.

About Julie DeLucca-Collins
As I climbed the corporate ladder, it became a north star. As I started again after failures, it was what picked me up and redirected me. 

Until one day, my journey got cut short. Due to the global pandemic, my career as a C-level executive got cut short. Because of that, I decided to take a leap and do what I had planned on doing down the road. I launched my own business. ​ And because I decided to leap without a net. I began to work on growing my own company. At first, I got a couple of clients. I listened to  all the online gurus on what I needed to do. I downloaded all the freebies hoping that this would make my business a success. 

​Until finally, I realized that all of that was not working. I was busting my a$$, and I was not making a consistent income. I was not helping the people I wanted to, and sadly I began to feel like a failure.  From that moment on, I realized that I needed to run my business like I had run other multi-million dollar companies in my corporate career. I needed to focus on the things that count. I needed to build a strong foundation. Next, I began to grow my offers, using the right tools and strategies. I stopped being distracted by the next best shiny thing. I learned that consistent action gets you traction (this is my favorite Julie-ism).

​Today, I am living the life I had imagined, not because I have "arrived" but because I am living in my purpose to help women like me create the simple habits to build the business that they desire. These values continue to drive my business. My amazing clients come to me confused and overwhelmed at first, but they soon begin to build and grow a business. I teach them to create the right strategy, habits, & daily action to be profitable & make a positive impact in this world. ​Like me, every day they serve others, they feel more confident and have the freedom and flexibility they desire.  I support my clients through my coaching skills and credentials as a Cognitive Behavioral Techniques, Holistic and Tiny Habits Certified Coach. 

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