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My Most Awkward Moments As A Mom with Josmerly Valerio

August 12, 2023 Season 2 Episode 26
Mom Chat Show
My Most Awkward Moments As A Mom with Josmerly Valerio
Show Notes

In this series, every mom will share their most awkward and craziest moments as a mom. During this episode, Josmerly and I laugh about the chaos that only moms can truly understand. Expect to laugh about moments that you may have forgotten about your own journey as a mom. Let's all take time to reflect on our experiences as moms while being in complete disbelief that we actually survived through those crazy moments. 
Yup, that's motherhood for ya!

In this episode, Josmerly and I discuss.

 * A moment where she was like, Oh, No Not In Public..
* A moment where she was like, "Welp, I Guess It Is Time To Exit..
* A moment where all she was like, I Can't Believe She Just Said That Out Loud.. 

About Josmerly Valerio
Service-focused social worker and training facilitator with 10+ years in the social and human services field along with a strong commitment to serving the needs of youth and adults, special needs populations, child welfare, non-profits, community based organizations, adult education and contributing counseling skills. Career Readiness curriculum developer with a strength-based and solution-focused approach. 

Founder & CEO of Lead To Empower, Mommy's Break CCS and Mommies That Wine 

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