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Mini Mom Chat: Taking Breaks for Emotional Wellbeing in Moms with Sade Jenkins

October 27, 2023 Season 2 Episode 28
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Mini Mom Chat: Taking Breaks for Emotional Wellbeing in Moms with Sade Jenkins
Show Notes

Exhausted, drained, spread thin - sound familiar? As a mom, I've been there, and I want to share with you what I've learned about the importance of recognizing when you're running on fumes, and more importantly, how to give yourself permission to take that vital break. Join me as we dive into my personal experiences, and the lessons learned about emotional triggers, self-care, and the vital need to keep our emotional tanks from running dry.

If we open our eyes to our emotional shifts, we can learn to recognize those signs that we're approaching an emotional wall. Have you ever thought about what your triggers might be? I'll share my journey of discovery, how I found my triggers, and the self-care practices I put in place that made a world of difference. Let's start a conversation about making necessary adjustments - because understanding and acting can drastically improve our overall wellbeing.

Now, let's talk uncomfortable truths - we often choose discomfort over emotional exhaustion. Is it time you started choosing differently? Drawing from my personal experiences, I'll share with you how deciding to take a break, embracing the uncomfortable, meant a healthier emotional state. Remember, motherhood is a beautiful yet challenging journey, and it’s perfectly okay to hit pause. Let's navigate this journey together, share our stories, and remind each other just how essential it is to be kind to ourselves. Because, whether you're a new mom or a seasoned one, you're not alone. Join Mini Mom Chats, where it's all about empowering, sharing, and finding grace in motherhood.

In this episode, I discuss...

* How to give yourself grace while being a mother.

* Methods to help you take better care of yourself daily.

*Mom Motivation & Mom Humor

About Sade Jenkins 
I am the founder of the Mom Chat Show. I decided to help other moms by sharing my journey through the highs and lows of being a mother. Going through my journey taught me that being a mom is a gift, but having a life that you love is a gift as well. That is why I have dedicated my life to helping moms redefine the life and happiness they are seeking. Moms deserve to enjoy self-love, independence, happiness, and a life that is fully submerged in joy!

My mission is to shift the silence and embarrassment of not being the perfect mom into embracing your growth through the journey.
The Mom Chat Show was created to help moms come together and show that we're all growing through this together. The Mom Chat Show provides healing, sisterhood, and the strength of owning your story.

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