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My Pregnancy & Labor Story with Sade Jenkins

December 04, 2023 Season 2 Episode 31
Mom Chat Show
My Pregnancy & Labor Story with Sade Jenkins
Show Notes

Welcome to the Mom Chat Show Special My Pregnancy & Labor Christmas Series. I am so excited to have you all meet each mom that comes on the Mom Chat Show this month. You don't want to miss these powerful, funny, empowering, and shocking stories. This series is going to make you laugh and make you say, I never knew that could potentially happen.
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In This Episode Expect To Experience:
* There are so many shocking moments of how quickly things can change from a negative situation to a mind-blowing surprise.
* Lots of laughter and mom humor moments.
*An amazing story of how amazing motherhood can be.

About Sade Jenkins
I am the founder of the Mom Chat Show. I decided to help other moms by sharing my journey through the highs and lows of being a mother. Going through my journey taught me that being a mom is a gift, but having a life that you love is a gift as well. That is why I have dedicated my life to helping moms redefine the life and happiness they are seeking. Moms deserve to enjoy self-love, independence, happiness, and a life that is fully submerged in joy!

My mission is to shift the silence and embarrassment of not being the perfect mom into embracing your growth through the journey.
The Mom Chat Show was created to help moms come together and show that we're all growing through this together. The Mom Chat Show provides healing, sisterhood, and the strength of owning your story.

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